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CCI xG Testbed Overview

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative xG Testbed supports experimentation and prototyping with next-generation technologies in networks and artificial intelligence solutions.

CCI researchers and our industry and government partners have access to the Testbed, which emphasizes programmability and interoperability, relying when possible on open interfaces and open-source software. 

Key capabilities include securing 5G and next-generation mobile networks and AI assurance. Core principles include:

  • Openness: We rely on open standards and interfaces, as well as open-source software, to allow experimentation with new technologies at the pre-commercial stage.
  • Accessibility: CCI researchers, collaborators, and students in CCI institutions can work remotely with the Testbed.
  • Programmability: We rely on hardware and software solutions that enable programmability, from end devices to the core of the network to applications and services.
  • Interoperability: We ensure interoperability with other hardware and software solutions, including commercial products and other testbeds
  • Modularity: We adopt containerized, cloud-native implementations with open APIs.

Next-Generation Networks

The CCI xG Testbed enables design, development, prototyping, and deployment of solutions for next-generation mobile networks.

The advanced reconfigurable open and intelligent wireless Testbed supports real-world experimentation with new communication technologies and applications. 

Testbed architecture focuses on cybersecurity and features autonomous, intelligent, and low-latency wireless communication coupled with edge cloud computing capability. 

Our indoor deployment at the Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington includes approximately 70 advanced software-defined radio nodes, fiber-optic back-haul networks, and edge and core cloud computing infrastructure. 

Researchers can run experiments remotely through access to hardware and software that enables radio configuration, experiment execution, and data collection. Researchers can also bring their own devices and integrate them into the existing infrastructure to perform end-to-end experiments.

AI Assurance

The Testbed enables experimentation with artificial intelligence solutions, with a focus on AI assurance and the integration of AI in next-generation networks.